Coming this Summer....

Sugar Detox with Sellwood Yoga
Join Dr Kathleen to re-focus your health with this invigorating cleanse. For many of us, sugar is our weak spot. Stopping the cycle of sugar cravings is hard if you don't know the tricks and have the support. In two weeks you will kick the sugar habit, learn about how to stop the cycle and keep sugar out of your diet!

New Seasons Wellness Talks

Back by popular demand, Dr Kathleen is teaching you about hormones- specially how our adrenal glands, thyroid and ovaries all work together. 
When discussing a woman's hormones, the conversation must go beyond estrogen and progesterone. Hormones in the body interact on multiple levels, and if one system is out of balance, others have to compensate. Dr. Kathleen Pratt from One Family Medicine will teach you about the way hormones interact in your body and how being out of balance can cause many common symptoms: fatigue, mood swings, weight gain and more. She will also share treatments and lifestyle changes that promote healthy hormone balance.

New Seasons Market- Cedar Hills- Tuesday July 10th at 7pm
New Seasons Market- Happy Valley- Tuesday July 24th at 7pm


Yup, it's time to start thinking about summer camps and fun activities for the kiddos!
This summer Dr Kathleen has been invited by Brian Baxter of Baxter Sports Camps to teach sports nutrition each day at his camps! Check out the schedule below and let all those young athletes and their parents know about these great camps! Brian is a sports pyscologist who brings balance of passion, hard work and love of the game to his camps. An athlete is made up up of more than just the muscles and bones. Dr Kathleen and Brian will make sure that the kids will have fun and learn how to be the best athlete they can be, from the inside out!

Interested in Hosting a Class or Lecture with Dr Pratt?
Dr Pratt enjoys reaching out to the community and sharing her experience and knowledge. If you are interested in hosting a class, please contact Dr Pratt at [email protected]  Popular topics are information about vaccines, food sensitivities and allergies, as well as other popular women's health topics. 

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