beachA Fresh Approach to Primary Care
One Family Medicine offers full  care for adults and children. Careful physical examinations and interviews are used along with necessary conventional labs. One Family Medicine stays up to date on cutting edge research, treatments, and functional lab tests. Educated and experienced to diagnose and treat, our doctors can manage both acute and chronic health concerns. Respected in the community, they have built a strong network of colleagues and specialists to refer patients to when appropriate.

What makes One Family Medicine unique?
At One Family Medicine, you will be seen as a whole person: influenced by your family genetics, shaped by your childhood and affected by your lifestyle. Stress and relationships, diet and sleep, work and happiness all have an effect on your health. Patient care should combine the science of medicine with the art of medicine. Our doctors use their in-depth knowledge of the body while discovering you as an individual. The relationship established with your physician will help you achieve the level of health you deserve.  In this long term partnership, you and your doctor will work together to help you through the stresses of life.

Below is a list of conditions treated at One Family Medicine. These conditions are only examples. One Family Medicine is a true family health clinic. No illness, problem or disease is too small or too big to be treated.

Out of Town???

Dr Pratt offers phone consultations regarding your health concerns if you live outside the NW Oregon area. Please contact the office for more details.

Preconception and Fertility Support

Dr Pratt is the lead physician of the Portland Fertility Cooperative.  Her goal in creating this cooperative alongside her practice is to help women achieve pregnancies and healthy babies.  Dr Pratt supports patients from all points in their journey- whether you want to follow her Preconception Plan to create the optimal body for a pregnancy or if you are using hormones and IVF.  Please contact Dr Pratt at 503-345-0039 for more information regarding the PFC.

Natural Pregnancy and Family Care

Dr Pratt  works with expecting mothers in all stages of pregnancy, from pre-conception to post partum, to help them through the milestones of pregnancy and parenting. Her knowledge will continue to help the family raise a healthy child, working through introduction of solids foods and childhood illnesses.

In addition to her four and a half years in medical school, Dr Pratt completed the two year naturopathic midwifery program that included internships with obstetricians, naturopathic doctors and certified nurse midwives. She is board certified and licensed in natural childbirth in Oregon. This makes her uniquely qualified to assist women throughout pregnancy and after. Her goal is to  bridge the gap between pregnancy and a family, providing continuity of care that is rare in today’s healthcare model. Dr Pratt will continue to support patients to grow into a healthy family. Healthy people make healthy choices. Healthy children will grow into healthier adults, creating a healthier community.  By making the choice to build a healthy home and family, patients are investing in a healthier future. This is the goal of One Family Medicine.

*Please note that Dr Pratt are not currently offering primary obstetrics or  labor and delivery care*

Below are some examples of the ways Dr Kathleen Pratt can assist you:

  • Fertility
  • Common Issues in Pregnancy- handled naturally
  • Nutrition- Preconception, Pregnancy, Lactation
  • Breast Feeding Support
  • Post Partum Depression
  • Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and Preeclampsia
  • Introduction of Solid Foods to Infants
  • Skin Rashes in Children
  • Digestion Problems
  • Fussy Babies
  • Vaccine Decisions and Education
  • Home Visits- Sick Child, Post Partum- Baby Check Up, Mother Check Up

** Please call or book online to make an appointment for a free 15 minute consult in our office or on the phone**